Curriculum Vitae - Page 4

Publications, Peer Reviewed:


Dudley,G., McGrath K, Pheley A. Length of stay and medication use in hysterectomy patients treated with a single massage treatment. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. 2003;7:222-227.

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Publications, Non-Peer Reviewed:


Dudley,G., HMOs and “Doctor Wanna-bes”. Guest Editorial; Family Practice News , August 1, 1996

Pheley A,Dudley,G., Heart Attack or Heartburn? American Profile 2004

Dudley,G., Electronic Records, Patient Confidentiality, and the Impact of HIPAA. Patient Safety and HealthCare Journal. 2004; October/December:36—41.

Publications, Abstracts:


Dudley,G., Web site on Alternative and Complementary Medicine—Carilion

Dudley,G., An Innovative and Integrated Testing Format: Combining Anatomy, Primary Care Skills and OMM in a Simulated Patient Encounter

Publications, Letters to Editors: 


Dudley, G. A matter of training. (letter to editor). Physicians Financial News. September 15, 1996; Vol. 14, #12, pg. 2

Dudley, G. Are doctors helping to make themselves obsolete? (letter to editor). American Medical News. November 1996]

Dudley, G. Why the medical age gap exists. (letter to editor) Medical Economics. February 24, 1997

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Dudley, G. Use of physician extenders has gone too far. (letter to editor) American Medical News. September 21, 1998

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Dudley, G. On MDs and Dos (letter to editor). Family Practice Management. January 1999

Dudley, G. Complex Problem (letter to the Editor) Managed Care; February 2007, page 7.

Professional Presentations:


Dudley,G., Anderson F, Stanczak A, Defeo G.  Anatomy of Primary Care and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine: An innovative Integrated Teaching Approach. Poster presented at the 1st Annual EVVCOM Research Recognition Day; September 30, 2004; Blacksburg, Va.


Dudley,G., Anderson F, Stanczak A,  An Innovative and Integrated Testing Format: Combining Anatomy, Primary Care Skills and OMM in a Simulated Patient Encounter. Poster presented at  AACOM (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine), June 2005, Bethesda, Md

2007   44th Annual Symposium and Conference: ACOFP; March 16, 2007:  Ethics lecturer -

          Ethics and Physician Stress - moderator for panel discussion
2008   45th Annual Convention & Exhibition: ACOFP: March 14, 2008:

          Ethics lecture given with Katherine Galuzzi, DO; 

          Religion, Conscience and Controversial Medical Interventions

2013   Invited to lead book club discussion (The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down) at AAHPM National Conference lead in New Orleans, LA

2013   FOMA District 7 Seminar; Florida state-mandated CME hours, presented lecture Professionalism and Medical Ethics; LECOM-Bradenton Campus, Bradenton, Florida 

2015  Chair Medical Economic committee for AAO

Invited Presentations:


Dudley,G.  Patient Confidentiality, Electronic Records and the Impact of HIPAA.  A paper presented     to the AOA Council on Federal Health Programs in Washington, DC; September 11, 2004

Dudley,G.  Fascinating Flu Facts and Simple Preventive Measures. Dining with the Doctors; An   educational presentation for the community presented at Florida Hospital Waterman, Tavares, Florida   32778; 2 November 2006

Dudley,G.  Informed Consent, An Overview. A lecture presented to Patient Safety/Ethics Committee,   Florida Hospital Waterman, Tavares, Florida 32778; April 2010

Dudley,G   How Can We Improve End-Of-Life Care and Reduce Futile (end of life) Care?  A Lecture        presented to the Patient Safety/Ethics Committee, Florida Hospital Waterman, Tavarees, Florida      32778; November 2010

Dudley,G   How Can We Improve End-Of-Life Care and Reduce Futile (end of life) Care?  A Lecture        presented to the General Medical Staff at regular meeting, May 22, 2011

Dudley,G   Communication and the Continuum Care. A presentation of continuity of care across the         boundaries of office, hospital and SNFs/rehabilitation centers and the importance to the health of         patients.  Presented on September 13, 2011 at Waterman Village Lodge;audience:Florida Medical       Quality Assurance Coalition Meeting (hospital, SNF and elder affairs personnel). 

Local, State, and National Committees:


2002—2005          VOMA District Rep.

2006—present      C-NMM/OMM Committee for the AAO

2006—present      ACOFP; Osteopathic Clinical Research Committee

                           ACOFP; Committee on Ethics

2015---present      Chair National Medical Economic Committee for the AAO

Additional Academic and Administrative Duties/Positions:


1993—1995          Director of Quality Improvement, Brevard Medical Center, Melbourne, Florida Responsible for establishment, structuring and running

1997—2005          Advisory Committee for CAMEO (Complementary And Alternative Methods for Energized and Optimum Health), Radford University, Waldron School of Nursing

1997—2002          Member (and one of founding members) Committee (and later, task force for proposal) Complementary and Alternative Medicine, CNRVMC

1997—2005          Ethics Committee, Carilion New River Valley Medical Center, Christiansburg, Virginia

1999—2002          Head of Ethics Consultation Team for Ethics Committee, CNRVMC

1997—2005          Co-Host (occasionally) of Conversations in Ethics luncheon seminars for staff and the public, CNRVMC

1997—2000          Member, Medical Records and Utilization Review Committee, CNRVMC

1998—2000          Chairman of Medical Records and Utilization Review Committee

1999—2002          Member of Quality Assurance/Medical Staff Committee, CNRVMC

2001                    Chairman of Quality Assurance/Medical Staff Committee, CNRVMC

1998—2002          Member of PIC (Performance Improvement Committee), CNRVMC

1999-2002            Chairman of PIC, CNRVMC

2004                    Co-chair of Research conference at the National AOA meeting; San Francisco

                           November 2004

2005—2005          Attending Physician for second year students at rural free clinic of Pulaski County, Va

Service and Volunteerism:


2003—2005          Roanoke Valley End-of-Life Care Partnership, Roanoke, Virginia

December 2007    Appointed to the Organizational Board of Lake and Sumter Hospice,

                           now Cornerstone Hospice

2009 - 2012          Appointed to the Operations Board of Cornerstone Hospice

2009 - 2012          Appointed to the  QA Committee of Cornerstone Hospice

2010 - 2012          Appointed to the Executive Committee of Cornerstone Hospice

Consulting Services:


Chart and case review for attorneys

(Periodic QA/UR/RM consultant services for Annashae) 

Medical Expert witness and case reviewer for Florida Department of Health, Agency for Health Care Administration since early 1990s


2002 - 2005          OMT at Carilion New River Valley Community Medical Center 

2006 - 2013          Case review for Kepro

2011 - present      Case reviewer for eQ Health

2011                    Sold rights to use CME purposes my lectures on ethics, professionalism, informed                            consent, and end-of-life issues to Ganesco Continuing Education.