For Current Patients



Just because you don't get the answer or action you were hoping for does not mean I wasn't listening. Consider whether you were coming to me for MY medical opinion or YOUR opinion reinforced.


Dr. Dudley's goal as your doctor is to help you improve your health. She believes that it is easier to prevent ill health than to fix poor health. She asks probably more questions than other "providers" ask when you see them. This is because she believes that a complete history is necessary to get all the facts and issues surrounding your complaint. As she used to tell medical students when she taught medical school: "if you get a complete social history you will know what all the patient's risk factors for disease are". Dr. Dudley cares deeply about her patients and their health and loves to be a cheerleader, but can also be a nag if needed. She understands that her's is the easy task: she tells you what you need to do to be healthy; you must do the work.

Dr. Dudley is often asked for help in weight loss. There are many reasons why a patient is overweight; only one is because of inability to control appetite. And that is the reason for the use of appetite suppressants. But often it just isn't as easy as taking a pill. Patients should think about why they are overweight, and then seek treatment for the cause of obesity. Think about the when, where, why, and with who you eat. Is is from boredom, depression, or a coping mechanism for another problem? Is eating a hobby or a replacement for something else in your life? Is it that your portion size of food is too large? Do you eat most of your daily food at the end of the day before you go to bed, or get into the Lazy Boy to watch TV? What about exercise? Remember weight is often related to supply and demand. Do you take in more in calories than you utililize in calories?

Your Insurance Plan:
Your insurance plan is a contract set up between you and the insurer.
There are so many insurance plan and types now that we no longer can tell you the parameters
of your plan.
  1. Please make sure Dr. Dudley is listed on your plan as a provider. We are happy to see you, but if we are not a provider on your plan, be prepared to pay out of pocket for services in our office.
  2. As it is your insurance plan, it is your responsibility to know how it works. We feel your pain here, as we also have insurance plans, and we know how confusing it can be. You need to acquaint yourself with what lab you can use, what your co-pays and deductibles are, and how to access your system for referrals and prescriptions. We will facilitate whenever we can. Please bring with you, or provide, a copy of your drug formulary when you need prescriptions. Dr. Dudley tries whenever she can to comply with your formulary. Keep in mind that your insurance company provides insurance and Dr. Dudley provides medical care. These are different goals.