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CMS Appeals

Improve Your CMS Appeals — Hire Me!

Let me use my successes and achievements to help your hospice:
• I am able to identify why your cases are not prevailing in the review process (example: MIC, MEDIC, now UPIC).
• I can identify why the current hospice review process is not favorable.
• I have the ability to improve chart documentation with the goal of eliminating issues at the review process.
• I have the knowledge to identify how the changes in the UPIC will affect your reviews.
• I can put my experience on the other side to use in assisting you in achieving a more favorable review/appeal outcome.
• I have the ability to identify solutions toward successful reviews and clarify for the factors that may prompt unsuccessful reviews and appeals.

What I bring to the table:
• I can answer these issues for you utilizing my unique hospice appeals experience.
• For the last 3 years, I was a Medical Director in program integrity including MIC, MEDIC, ZPICS, and now UPIC contracts.
• I still practice in hospice part-time.
• I have almost 30 years of experience doing various types of case reviews.
• I am board certified in 4 areas, including hospice/palliative medicine.
What I can do for you:
• I know how the reviews are done and how to identify for you the areas of agency vulnerability.
• I can do a case review for you to illustrate the weaknesses and strengths, and provide a detailed report of how/where to improve toward a better outcome.
• I can identify where your charting deficiencies are and how to improve for a better review outcome.-Let me use the experience of my successes in performing reviews, peer-to-peer calls, mediations, and appeals to assist you in improving your outcomes.

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